McCain reads 38 Pitches? He has a computer?


At least, he says he does.
In a much better Q-and-A than Edward R. Berman did last night with the presidental candidates,’s Arash Markazi busts through today — much more involved, much better depth, probably emailed — able to draw out some interesting answers from the candidates (or their “helpers” who had access to a keyboard).
One of the laugh-out-loud best responses — scroll to the end of this (linked here) — when Arash asks McCain about his sports heroes:

“One of my favorite athletes to watch, who is currently playing, has to be Curt Schilling. Like Ted Williams, I admire Curt on and off the field. He also is a gifted athlete who I think will make the Hall of Fame, and he also is one who speaks his mind regardless of the consequences and I really admire that. I also think that he’s an incredible writer about baseball. His blog, 38 Pitches, reflects some of the best writing out there on the subject. …”

a) Is Schilling still active?
b) 38 Pitches is some of the “best writing out there”?
McCain will have plenty of time after today to start Googling for better sports blog sites.

By the way, here’s what Schill has to say about today’s presidental election (linked here):

“The rhetoric, the BS, the white noise. Get out and vote. Vote for whomever you choose to, whomever you believe will lead this country over the next four years, but just vote. … When standing in line please say a thank you to the men and woman who’ve sacrificed so much for us to have this right. … Whether ‘your guy’ wins or loses, there will be a new President of the United States tomorrow and we need to turn the page, move on, and fix this thing.”

Actually, there’ll be a new president sometime in late January, 2009. But we get the point.

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