How easy can “Almost Easy” be for the trombone chick?

“Almost Easy” by Avenged Sevenfold is the halftime routine that Dr. Art Bartner was trying to learn today as he worked out at the local gym in Torrance. He told me that’s what the “Spirit of Troy” members picked to play at Saturday’s USC-Cal game at the Coliseum.
Dr. Art, a young 68, makes it out to the gym three times a week, and the locals know where to usually find him — on a treadmill, keeping a brisk pace, and conducting with his arms waving as he reads the musical notes and hears them in his head. This is a song very new to him (click above) so he said it’ll take a lot of getting used to.
Will it translate to a marching band song? Put it this way: It ain’t “Tusk.”

The lyrics (at this link).

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