15 years ago, a fan reinvented the front-row boxing seat


Today marks the 15th anniversary of the heavyweight title fight between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Holyfield won a 12-round decision.

Oh, and some dude glided into the ring. Someone called Fan Man.

James Miller was his actual name (see link here). He died in 2002. Not from the punches landed onto him when he crashed into the ring during the seventh round, after circling overhead for 25 minutes. He committed suicide.

ESPN Classic airs the crazy bout tonight again at 5 p.m. It has clearance that a paraglider will in fact interrupt the coverage.


The postscript to that crash landing is that Miller flew into the Coliseum in Jan., 1994, trying to interrupt a Raiders game. He was arrested.

After the game, Raiders defensive end Howie Long said had Miller landed in the stands, the physical assault he received in Las Vegas would have paled in comparison as a result of Raider Nation’s welcoming committee.

“Magnify that beating tenfold. That’s what he would have gotten here,” Long said.

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