Coming Friday: The NFL Net and the net result of why you may not (still) be able to see tonight’s game


We’re supposed to know exactly why the NFL Network isn’t on all your TV sets for tonight’s Denver-Cleveland game. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of it. Sorry if you won’t see Brady Quinn’s breakout performance unless you have DirecTV or … Dish or … some other lesser known cable system.

We’ve talked to NFL Net COO Kim Williams for her take on the whole tug-o-war over when the network will get more exposure, and how a recent FCC ruling could pave the way for that. Do some due dillgence on this.

Here’s a link (linked here) to a letter that 13 senators sent to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell trying to get him to resolve the contract dispute with the cable networks so their constituents can see NFL games without the hassle. Good luck with that. We also ran Goodell’s response earlier this week (linked here).

The website (linked here) also has its link to “I Want My NFL Network” campaign, encouraging readers/viewers to complain to their elected officials (about the cable channel’s holding them hostage). They suggest switching to AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, Dish or Verizon.

A lot of this goes back to the NFL Net sticking with its coverage of the New England Patriots’ game in Week 17 against the New York Giants — who knew it’d be a Super Bowl preview — and allowing CBS and NBC to carry the contest as well on a Saturday night.

We’ll try not to get too blogged down in semantics. Bob Papa makes his NFL Net debut on the play-by-play (replacing Bryant Gumbel) and working with Cris Collinsworth. You can also go to and watch in-quarter highlights, listen to the broadcast and get updated stats.

In all honesty, it’s a game that otherwise would be regionalized on a Sunday afternoon and you wouldn’t see anyway unless you had DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket. Those viewers in Denver and Cleveland will see it free from a local channel, so they’re not shutout.

“It’s our third season doing games, and it has been a great opportunity for all of us at the NFL Network to grow this franchise each year,” said NFL Network producer Mark Loomis. “When you get the schedule in April, it’s always interesting to figure out, try to guess what’s going to happen in November, how the teams are going to stand. Going into this weekend, looks like our season is shaping up great. The Broncos and the Browns are a great way for us to get started.”

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