Take this as an endorsement to TiVo NBC from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday


As I write this, I have finished crying inside my cubicle after watching NBC’s documentary about the Paralympics in Beijing.
It is a 90-minute, continuous “Oh my” journey with amputee sprinters and swimmers, wheelchair basketball players and racers, a paralyzed shot-putter, a sailor with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Marin Morrison, a swimmer devastated by a brain tumor. …
(Director) David Michaels said he would return home, usually teary, after editing the footage.
“My wife thought I was going hormonal on her,” he said. “She’d say, ‘OK, what now?’ and I’d say, ‘You can’t believe this story.’ I was so emotionally attached.”

(More from the Richard Sandomir piece in the New York Times at this link)

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  • Brenda

    I understand. This is what I call determination and miracle. It makes you never want to say I can’t.
    Can I have permission to use one of these photos in a video that I am creating about faith and perseverance?
    Please contact me at: brim4peace@gmail.com
    Thank you