Mayne Street: The new, hip video sports sit-coms that all the kids will be talking about at the virtual water cooler

It’s being heavily promoted today on all mediums related to ESPN — this opening episode of “Mayne Street” where Kenny Mayne plays himself (“I’m a poor man’s Larry David,” he’s said) and works with others at ESPN like Scott Van Pelt on an Internet-only (for now) sit-com. The rest of the cast is actual actors, playing producers, cameramen, executives, etc…

We like the feel and the concept. It’s like “The Office,” with the old show “Sports Night,” but, at least in this episode, it’s too much like a commercial for “SportsCenter.” Maybe that’s just a reality they’ll have to deal with in future episodes.

Let us know your reviews. It debuts with a new episode every Tuesday and Friday, between 3 and 5 minutes long.

==The show’s official site (linked here)
==Mayne blogging about the show (linked here)
==A live chat with Mayne takes place today at 12:15 p.m. on Again, to promote it more.

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