Report: BCS could go to ESPN if Fox passes


ESPN has given the Bowl Championship Series organizers a ridiculous plan that would put all its bowl games, including the championship, on the cable network, according to the Sports Business Daily, and later run on sister publication (linked here).

Meaning, no more over-the-air Fiesta, Orange, Sugar or BCS title game on Fox, or ABC, or anywhere else. The deal would also move the Rose Bowl from ABC, which has the rights to the game already, to ESPN.

The BCS, according to the story, is looking for a four-year, $500 million extension, or $125 million per year, which would be a 50 percent increase over its current $82.5 million a year deal. Fox, whose current bid is for an average of about $102 million per year, has several days to match the ESPN offer.

==More from USA Today (linked here)

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