‘Mayne Street’ Episode 2: F*** product placement

Yes, you could just as easily go to ESPN.com and find this. We’ve saved you one extra click.

The Tuesday-Friday episode run of this web-exclusive sit-com, a cross between “The Office” and a “This is SportsCenter” commercial, has about a dozen episodes left after this, according to Ron Wechsler, ESPN vice president of series content and development, who chatted this project up with us the other day.

All of ’em have been shot, so if there’s some cool news angle that could be worked in, it’ll have to wait for the second season. If there is one.

“If people clamor for a second flight, we’ll be happy to oblige,” said Wechsler.

What may save this concept from collapsing under its own digital weight is that it comes in small bursts — not a 30-minute show that is being pitched for TV. Not yet anyway.

“For whatever reasons, Kenny has mastered this particular form of short-form content,” said Wechsler. “If we do it fo rthe Web, once we got to five minutes, which this generation of people are used to watching, if we go longer, then it’s ‘Gone With the Wind.'”

Which means your attention span probably ran out on this item two paragraphs ago.

Editor’s note: ESPN puts a disclaimer on this episode, saying it “contains some mature languages and references.” We’ll blow its cover. There’s a mention of pornography (by Mayne) and one of “drinking sloppy” (by the guy trying to get him to cross the line and mention a local roast beef sandwich place in one of his “news” stories). We were offended that there wasn’t more adult language included.

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