The media learning curve: Nov. 8-14


A stealth Warren Sapp, who belongs now to the NFL Network and Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” made it to the final four of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” (linked here), after the only other athlete left, Olympic sprinter Maurice Greene, was finally voted off, scoring 48 out of 60 from judges for his quickstep (kinda ironic, eh?) and paso doble routines Monday.

Sapp isn’t bitching complaining that he’s still on the show. Seems like it’s coming down to Brooke Burke against Lance Bass, so Big Ol’ Sapp may have only a week or two left.

But Sapp may have an apology in order soon as well, calling ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson a “bitch” during this week’s “Inside the NFL” show on Showtime (more on that at this link).

But that’s not all we learned this week:

== Week 11 of the NFL on TV for L.A. viewers (linked here) takes San Diego at Pittsburgh ahead of undefeated Tennessee playing Jacksonville. And Springsteen will light up the halftime show for NBC’s Dallas-Washington game (linked here)

== Week 12 of college football on TV for L.A. viewers (linked here) may exclude you finding the USC-Stanford game (it’s on Versus, 4 p.m.), but there’s always Oregon State-Cal on Channel 7 at 12:30 p.m. (and really nothing much on ABC at 5 p.m.)

== ESPN has more ways to overexpose Brian Dennehy Bob Knight (linked here)

== More on Kenny Mayne’s new web series “Mayne Street” (linked here), with Episode 2 that came out today (linked here).
The network says the first episode had nearly 2.5 million viewings in the first 48 hours, making it the site’s most viewed single video in the last six months. “The great start for ‘Mayne Street’ illustrates the huge opportunity that exists for creative content at ESPN, not just on TV but on any platform,” said Keith Clinkscales, senior vice president, content development and enterprises, ESPN.

== If Fox can’t handle the freight for the BCS bowl games, Disney will take it, and put ’em all on cable (linked here).

== Why Turner is done going all British in the golf world (linked here), and now why ESPN has it (linked here).

== HBO’s documentary “Driving Dirty: Thundercars of Indiana” has some characters that could spawn a mini-series (linked here).

== Don’t let the Pumphrey brothers into your house, unless you’re ready for an add-on (linked here).

==NASCAR would appreciate it if its Chase races that started on network TV didn’t finish up on cable, especially if it’s for a monkey scractching its butt (linked here).

== Bob Smiley’s new book on Tiger Woods is out, and he’d like you to read it (or buy it for Christmas) (linked here).

==And, of course, another method for Pete Arbogast to sabotage his own career as a USC basketball play-by-play guy (linked here).

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