Goodell Q-and-A Part II: Free TV works for us


More from the Q-and-A on Tuesday with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell:

ESPN will move the BCS to cable in three years from now. ESPN president George Bodenheimer didn’t want to say whether it thought the Super Bowl would ever be on cable. Guess you’re the one to ask if there’s anything that could put the NFL title game off free TV:

Goodell: “The one thing that’s been pointed out repeatedly in all the media reports (on the BCS deal) is that the NFL is the only league that continues to be successful on free television. And we’re proud of that. We anticipate that going forward. I don’t see any significant restructuring from that standpoint. We have a great relationship with ESPN but the majority of our telecasts are always on free television.”

Is that a good strategy for college football to point toward — cable TV — considering how much college football is covered on ESPN?

Goodell: “The one thing I’ve learned about this job is to take care of your own business.”

What about playoff games on cable somewhere down the line?

Goodell: “Again, it goes to the NFL Network schedule, we love the idea of being broadly available and the fact all our games are on free TV in those markets (when the NFL Network does a game) is something we’re proud of. We haven’t gotten to the point of strategically how we’ll market our different packages going forward and with whom, but again the core principle will be to remain available to as many as possible.”

Part III arriving in a few hours…

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