Dr. Casey and her sunshine band, shrink-wrapped


Many have asked recently about Joe McDonnell’s future in the sports-talk biz. We’re working on it. We just talked to Joe as he was driving out to Arizona to take in tomorrow’s Lakers-Suns game in Phoenix — a small vacation to get away for awhile.

While Arte Moreno-owned KLAA-AM (830) (linked here) has yet to hire McDonnell as a weekday sports talk host — it’s been two months since McDonnell did his last show for KLAC-AM (570) and it would seem to be a natural move to 830, which keeps running colon-cleansing informercials during the day — the station has announced one addition.
“The Dr. Casey Show” starts Saturday (9 to 10 p.m.) and Sunday (2 to 3 p.m.).

Dr. Casey Cooper (www.drcaseycooper.com) is a state-licensed psychologist from USC specializing in sports culture. She maintains a private practice in Mission Viejo and assists individual athletes, families, and teams.

Working at a sports-talk show would seem to be a good place for a sports shrink. Just lie on the couch and tell us why you can’t stop hitting the redial on your phone, Jeff from Tarzana.

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  • Sports99

    I hope Joe enjoys his vacation because he is going to have plenty of time to take many trips in the next few months! I don’t know why you keep trying to pimp your boy Tom, but the reality is that McDonnell is a has-been in L.A. KLAC wouldn’t even put the guy in drive-time. Artie Moreno and Dennis K. would be fools to hire the guy for middays to go up against the Cannons and Mason & Ireland. In this economy stations are looking to cut-back and not add-on salary! They are making money with their informercials middays and have the two most important parts of the day covered with Roger Lodge and Dave Smith who I’m sure you would agree is a more entertaining sports talk host than McDonnell. What Joe needs to do is try and find work outside of L.A.. Maybe in Arizona since he loves it over there and travels quite frequently to that state. The guy have never left Los Angeles. There is a reason nobody is rushing to hire him, but you keep trying to pimp him to the folks at AM 830 to no avail.