Goodell Q-and-A Part IV: If apps could kill

The final installment of the Roger Goodell Q-and-A, with everything else that was worth noting:


On the reaction of streaming video on NFL games during NBC’s Sunday night telecasts?

Goodell: “Very positive. We felt this was important to do because streaming on the Internet will be more and more prevalent as people consume media on different platforms. We’re learning, NBC is learning, what consumers like or don’t like. What is, the phrase they use, killer app? (a definition linked here if you so desire). It’s something we’re glad to partner with NBC.”

Back to getting this NFL Network negotiation settled: Are you open to a parternship route?

Goodell: “We are open to negotiations and we’ve openly said, and privately said, this will come to a negotiated settlement at some point in time. I believe that’s what it should be and we encourage those negotiations.”

Would you have given away the Patroits-Giants game last year in week 17 if you had to do it over again?

Goodell: “Yes, it was an historically significant game in the history of the NFL and there was a great deal of interest in seeing it, more than 35 million. The frustration of not being able to get the distribution and demonstrate this kind of product doesn’t belong on a sports tier and there is demand for it. That statement was loudly made.”


On what ultimately will get the deal done:

Goodell: “It’s ultimately the cable operators’ determination that there’s a great demand for the content. I think it’s there and ultimately they’ll understand we’re committed to the long term and they’ll help us work to get the consumers what they want. We’re not new to disputes. They go on all over the country. I’m sure we won’t be the last.”

What aspects of the new media intrigues you the most?

Goodell: The telephone is nothing we haven’t already thought of. We have a forward-thinking partnership with Sprint and that’s a big opportunity for us. All the content created right here is going to be increasingly valuable in the digital world and we’ll be delivering more and more football, not just games, to new devices. There’s never been a greater time to be an NFL fan because of that. And there’s an insatiable appetite for NFL football. That’s good news. Now we have to figure how to feed that.”

And how is it again that people have found your personal phone number?

Goodell: “I don’t know. I asked that. People are pretty creative now a days.”

FYI: Jim Rome has a two-segment sit-down with the commissioner taped Tuesday on today’s “Jim Rome Is Burning” (ESPN, 1:30 p.m.)

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