Coming Friday: The Annual Dubious Dozen of the Sports Media on parade for all to oogle


The 2008 list isn’t all that crazy. Not Marv Albert in a dress crazy, if that’s what you’re referencing. But a lot of female presence for some reason. Like Erin Andrews in a dress crazy.

And even more crazy chick stuff. Talking about lynching Tiger Woods. Invoking the name of Hitler. Boozing it up at a (supposed private) celebrity roast. Wearing something not appropriate to work (above).

Good never comes of those things.

Which is why they’ve made our twisted list again — some repeat offenders.
Why do we keep doing this? Boredom? An easy way to fill in a column during a holiday week? Because it’s the stuff that never gets old?

Check all three of those off, plus the fact people don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Anyone who makes a reference on a sports program about another person’s ethnicity, religious belief, freedom of speech or (this list goes on) becomes fair game for targeting.

The Internet bloggers feast on this stuff, waiting for someone to trip over their tongue. But it goes far past that, which is why we’ve left No. 12 on the Dubous Dozen to all the other “foot meets mouth” instances where “gotcha” only goes so far. An apology usually follows. And it’s forgotten. But linked perpetually on some website for easy cross referencing.

Kelly Tilghman, Jemele Hill, Dana Jacobson and Erin Andrews (pictured above, in a dress she wore to a Cubs-Brewers game that caused Chicago manager Lou Pinella to ask if she was working or modeling), thanks for playing along in 2008. Jay Mariotti, Buzz Bissinger, Johnny Miller, Ric Bucher . . . you’re in there, too.

After Friday’s column, we’ll present a few others that didn’t make the list, but were nonetheless entertaining to an extent.

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