Q: How can I be less dumber? A: Point the mouse at these sports blogs, and read slower


Anyone who can remember all the statistical information that an avid sports fan can definitely qualifies as smart, writes Kelly Kilpatrick at OnlineUniversities.com, a site that tries to help students find accredited online universities. She suggests reading these sports blogs and exercise your brain (note: This blog is not included at on her list of “The 100 Blogs That Will Make You Smarter” linked here:

The Wages of Wins Journal: (http://dberri.wordpress.com/)
A companion piece to their book The Wages of Wins, these three professors of economics examine the economics of sports.

SportsBiz: (http://thesportsbizblog.blogspot.com/)
The Business of Sports Illuminated. Economics and sports meet in this blog that takes a look at how the two work together.

I’m Writing Sports: (http://www.imwritingsports.com/)
Written by a journalism student and aspiring sports writer, this blog features sports at both the professional and college level.

The Quad: (http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/)
Learn all about college sports in this blog from the New York Times.

Bleacher Report: (http://bleacherreport.com/)
Not only can you read this blog, but members can also participate in the editing process to ensure the best quality sports news articles.

Sports, Media & Society: (http://sportsmediasociety.blogspot.com/)
Take a look at how media and society approach women in sports with this blog written by a sports journalist and professor.

Women’s Sports Blog: (http://ftlouie.typepad.com/womensports/college_hoops/index.html)
This blog with a focus on women’s sports includes news and information about women’s sports, including basketball, soccer, field hockey, and more.

View from North America: (http://viewfromnorthamerica.blogspot.com/)
This blog covers North American sports with a heavy emphasis on college football.

Mechelle Voepel: (http://voepel.wordpress.com/)
This ESPN writer covers women’s sports among other things in this well-written personal blog.

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