Where’s Blackledge’s next meal coming from?


Todd Blackledge, the analyst doing Saturday’s USC-UCLA game from the Rose Bowl for ABC, has been making himself a guest of whatever local eatery will have him in a “Todd’s Taste of the Town” segment that he’s made popular during games that he’s covered the last couple of seasons.

Above, that’s him at the famed Apple Pan in West L.A. during a trip out during Labor Day weekend to cover the UCLA-Tennessee opener at the Rose Bowl. During Saturday’s USC-Notre Dame game from the Coliseum on ESPN, which he did with Mike Patrick, Blackledge visited Philippe’s French Dip (linked here) and wolfed down a roast beef and montery jack cheese double-dipped sandwich for the cameras.

“Ooooolala,” he exclaimed.

Where’s he putting on the feedbag this week? Tommy’s? Pink’s?

We’re still trying to get a hold of him. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, check out this story on Blackledge (linked here) done last week by ESPN.com’s sports travel columnist Brett Pauley, who some will remember as the former L.A. Daily News outdoors writer.

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