Arbo to Garrett: You rock my world, BFF!


Maybe it was just that Pete Arbogast had to listen to Isaac Lowenkron’s call of the USC-Oklahoma basketball game on the radio yesterday as he was driving out to his latest free meal/speaking engagement, when it occured to him: I really shouldn’t have pissed off the USC athletic director.

Remember, it was Arbo (he with the personalized license plate SC VOYCE parked incognito around town for those who don’t call attention to themselves) who was all set to be the backup to the backup to the ailing Rory Markas on Trojan hoops, until he got full of himself and marched into Mike Garrett’s office, demanding a bigger role, and was told that, since he felt that way, he was completely out of the picture. (Our previous blog posting on that here)

Arbo, of course, paints a different picture of that meeting — meaning, he doesn’t mention it at all, because it apparently didn’t happen as he was passing Garrett in the hall — in his latest blog entry, dated early this AM (linked here), capturing a banquet moment from Thursday:

I sat next to Pete and Mike Garrett. Pete and I talk all the time, but I don’t see as much of Mike as I’d like. We nod and pass in the halls of Heritage, but the last time I got to sit and talk with him was during an interview piece I did a couple of months ago when Craig Fertig passed away. I like Mike of course, never mind the fact that for kids of a certain age, he had hero status. Good guy, good family man and great Trojan. He’s done a hell of a job with the athletic department, and that’s no kiss up job, just the truth.

It reminds us of when you hear an athlete trying to renegotiate a contract, and they say “It’s not about the money.” That’s when you know it’s about the money.
This is no kiss up job, obviously. Arbo says so. And we’ll go with that.

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  • Fat Booster

    Hoffarth, your obsession with Arbo is pathetic. Did he pick on you as a child? Did he sleep with your wife? Do you love him, but are too afraid he will reject you? What is it?

    Your job is to write about the second largest media market in the country, and all you can come up with is petty pokes at Arbo.

    Your’re lame. Wolf is lame. Your dying paper is lame.

  • chuck norris

    Hey Fat Booster … Did Tom pick on you because you were the quintessential nerd in college? Did he sleep with your whore of a wife? Do you have a hard on, but are too ashamed of how small it is? What’s you beef with Tom? He’s just doing his job.

    You’re a douche.

    So why don’t you eat $hit and die already.

  • goodtalk

    Please call Sports Information at USC and setup a meeting with appropriate personnel – then you will be able to print a fact correct story.