Blackledge finds taco heaven in Los Feliz


Finally tracked down ABC/ESPN football analyst Todd Blackledge, trying to find out (linked here) where his next free meal was coming from …

We talked to him today, and he reveals that during the USC-UCLA broadcast on Saturday, he’ll have a review of Yuca’s Taco stand on Hillhurst near Los Feliz near the 5 freeway in the Griffith Park area (linked here, with a better link here)

It ain’t Tommy’s. Or Pink’s. But for those who’ve never visited, its worth putting in on the GPS under “primo tacos.”


“It’s a very cool place,” he said. “I haven’t done any Mexican food places in two years. We looked at a couple of places, including Vip’s in Encino where Coach Wooden likes to eat. But this was really a neat deal, this little stand literally in the parking lot of a liquor store. I don’t think it’s a hangout of either school, but it was worth going to.”

Last week, Blackledge visited Philippe’s to review during the USC-Notre Dame game, and on Labor Day weekend, he hit the Apple Pan near the UCLA campus when he was doing the Bruins’ opener against Tennessee.

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