The media learning curve: Dec. 1-5


At the Media Learning Center, we digested a lot of information this week. Our brain hurts. Our eyes water (maybe because we haven’t taken the 3D glasses off yet). And our lower intestines ask that we ease up on the Red Bull this weekend. At least, switch to sugar free. Sure, it helps us keep our Ricky Gervais physique in check, but those liver functions are screaming for relief.

It’s like that scene in “Role Models,” when Paul Rudd hits the restroom after guzzling too much of that putrid energy drink he’s trying to sell to high school kids and … if you’ve seen it, no more description is needed.

Some of the other stuff we learned, which we’d like to review because we know there’s a big end-of-the-year test coming up:

==NFL Week 14 for L.A. viewers won’t have the Chargers-Raiders to worry about — they played each other already, in 3D (linked here) and we weren’t all that impressed.

==The final regular-season of games in college football for L.A. puts USC against UCLA on ABC-Channel 7, up against a classic Washington-Cal matchup on Fox Sports Net that may suck away all the ratings … not to mention that other thing deciding the SEC title on CBS Channel 2 (linked here).

==Mullets unite: Barry Melrose’s place will always be with ESPN when he’s not getting fired from a coaching job (linked here)

==Todd Blackledge finally found a decent taco place in L.A., of all places (linked here) before he does the USC-UCLA football game for ABC on Saturday.


==Playboy’s latest “sexiest sportscaster” webpoll includes Lisa Guerrero, because she’s an L.A. Times columnist apparently (linked here).

==How some companies may help you save $20 on your outrageous $54.95 pay-per-view Oscar de la Hoya fight bill (linked here)

== That HBO is looking for a new sports comedy show (please, not an “Arli$$” sequel) (linked here).

==Nine sports blogs guaranteed to increase your IQ (linked here)

==The fourth season of “The Contender,” on Versus, has a dude from Van Nuys co-sponsored by Elton Brand (linked here)

==If you watched any kind of sports on TV this year, you rock (linked here)

==More notes (linked here)

==Even more 3D stuff (linked here and linked here)

==And Pete “SC VOYCE” Arbogast wants Mike Garrett to know he’s a really good dude … next time they pass in the hall, he may slip the USC AD a personal note saying so (linked here).

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