As long as we’re talking hypotheticals … name USC the ’09 BCS title favorite


Because those who’ve worked this stuff out on their computers say so.
But didn’t computers get us in this mess to start with?
Shut up. You’re mucking up the process.
Based on its ability to set odds, decided that Florida is the outright favorite to beat Oklahoma and win the ’09 BCS championship.
But ….
The company used handicappers from the site to put odds to a potential eight-team bracket. So with No. 1 Oklahoma facing No. 8 Penn State, No. 2 Florida meeting No. 7 Texas Tech, No. 3 Texas taking on No. 6 Utah and No. 4 Alabama tangling with No. 5 USC, those who could decided:
No. 1 Oklahoma would advance as a 9.5-point favorite.
No. 5 USC would advance as a 7-point favorite.
No. 3 Texas would move on as a 14-point favorite.
And No. 2 Florida, as a 14 1/2-point favorite, would easily move on.
So for the semifinals: No. 1 Oklahoma would be a 2 1/2-point underdog to No. 5 USC, meaning the Trojans would advance. And No. 2 Florida, a four-point favorite over No. 3 Texas, would go forward.
Leaving the title game between USC and Florida.
And the handicappers would make the Trojans a two-point favorite.
“Flat out, college football needs a playoff,” said odds maker T.J. Kendrick said in a company press release. “The fact that USC is the favorite to win a BCS title they won’t even have a shot at this season really sheds light on one of the many flaws the current BCS structure presents. The best team may not win the national title because of a computer.”

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