Go home, get some sleep, old man


We’re still not sure why they periodically cut in between commercial breaks back to the set on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption,” to catch a snipped of Mike Wilbon or Tony Kornheiser in a candid moment.

Today — or, probably hours after he had to do the Panthers-Bucs game from Charlotte, S.C. for “Monday Night Football” and then take when he said was bus ride back to Washington D.C. that got him home at 8 a.m. — the cut-in 10 minutes into “PTI” caught Kornheiser admitting in a low voice: “I am so tired. I am going to end up falling asleep on the show.”

Wilbon laughed and said, “That would be good!”

No, not really. They couldn’t give him a day off?

==So you think there’s any truth to this story? (linked here)

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