Lakers’ run at KLAC to end after 30-plus seasons … yet ‘Loose Cannons’ continue excessive Laker homerism


The Lakers have called KLAC-AM (570) their radio home since 1977 — two years before Jerry Buss bought the franchise from Jack Kent Cooke. But the relationship will officially end after this season — KSPN-AM (710) officially announced today it has obtained the broadcasting rights, starting with 2009-10.

The announcement was made known to listeners minutes ago on 710-AM by midday hosts Steve Mason and John Ireland. reported the news earlier this morning. The station has the announcement on its website as well (linked here).

“This is an exciting but somewhat bittersweet announcement for the Lakers organization,” said Jeanie Buss, the team’s executive VP of Business Operations, in a statement today. “KLAC has been a wonderful partner for more than three decades and we greatly respect and appreciate everything they have done. At the same time, we feel strongly that the time is right for this move to 710 ESPN.”

The Lakers and KLAC celebrated their 30th season together with all kinds of special features a year ago. Apparently part of the appeal for the change, Buss said, was the fact the new KSPN offices will be in the ESPN building at L.A. Live, across the street from Staples Center.

“It’s hard to imagine two groups better suited to working together than the Lakers and ESPN,” said Jim Pastor, the senior VP of ESPN Radio Station Group, in a press release. “The move to L.A. Live and the vast resources of both organizations provide an incredible opportunity to serve Lakers fans for years to come. We couldn’t be prouder to call 710 ESPN their new home.”

The team said play-by-play man Spero Dedes and color commentator Mychal Thompson will move with the team to the new station, which probably puts Thompson’s stint on the 570-AM midday show in doubt after this summer.

The move shouldn’t conflict with 710’s coverage of the Clippers — that one-year deal is over after this season.

KLAC program director Don Martin was not immediately available for comment.

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    Tom what does this mean for Money on the post game show? Is he going to have to give up this role? Will Mychal Thompson have to leave the Loose Cannons?

  • Radio99

    I think it’s the end of the Loose Cannons as we know it and look for the Clippers to move to 570 I think. By the way how’s Tony Bruno
    s syndication deal working out!?! LOL Money is will not make the move! That really sucks because he is great on the pre and post.


    Money is great on the pre and post game show.

    Bring back Lee Klein to host the pre and post game show if that happens.

    Philly Billy is available……..he got the ax earlier this week.

    Bruno’s syndication deal looks pretty good. He is on in SF and a few other markets.

  • Radio99

    I think Steve and Philly Billy had a falling out when he refused to take 1150’s offer and stayed in S.D. He doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles anyway. That would be great. What does this all mean for Joe McDonnell? I think he has been written off LA Radio! Joe always said he wanted to do post game Lakers line. Maybe 710 hires Joe to handle pre and post Lakers line!

  • Radio99

    Then again I have a feeling Joe has burned many bridges in L.A… Best case scenario would be Money making the move also to 710! Money is awesome and nobody else should be handling those duties!


    Joe cannot go back to 710. His only hope is that Arte hires him for 830.


    Steve and Philly Billy did have a falling out but time and lack of a paycheck heals all wounds. Without the Lakers on 570, Vic the Brick has little usefulness on 570. Philly Billy could be the personality and replace both MT and VTB. I doubt it happens but it would be interesting. More likely is that a guy like Don Maclean gets the job with Steve. He is a guy with takes and has a name.

  • Radio99

    Philly Billy was back on the air at 1090 AM today. Yeah I don’t see Joe going back to 710 either and I think he can’t go to AM 830 because they have Dave Smith now. Joe has some pretty nasty things to say about Dave Smith and I can’t see those two at the same station. Joe is so lazy though that he can’t gather himself to start bloggin. I mean how hard is it to blog.. right Tom.. with that kind of lazy attitude maybe that’s why he is out of radio.


    Philly Billy got his job back? Wow. I need to check that out.


    sounds like Philly Billy will be done at 1090 soon. Man what kind of ship is John Lynch running down there? Doesn’t he have a lawyer who can examine his contracts before firing a guy?