Will Sports Museum of L.A. be economic-pinch free? As long as it’s not an arm and a leg to get in the door


It’s only been opened for less than a couple of weeks, but we wonder if the new Sports Museum of L.A. and curator Gary Cypres could ultimately face the same problems that the much larger Sports Museum of American, in the lower Manhattan section of New York, is up against.

The New York Times reports (linked here) that the SMA is not meeting its attendance targets, has laid off employees and slashed ticket prices, and said last week it would no longer be open Mondays. In September, it defaulted on the tax-free Liberty Bonds that financed more than half the cost of the $93 million museum and has since been negotiating a restructured payment schedule, said Philip Schwalb, the museum’s founder and chief executive.

The museum has relationships with 60 sports halls, filled with memorabilia, films and
interactive exhibits. It is the home of the Heisman Trophy and the Billie Jean King International Women’s Sports Center.

==The Sports Museum of L.A. official site (linked here), noting a $14.95 admission fee and $7 for parking.

== Our story on the Sports Museum of L.A. opening (linked here)

== An NYT story about the Sports Museum of America’s opening in May (linked here)

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