The facelift project, con’t


A beta version of the new razzle-dazzle website has been posted (, and will run simultaneously to the current for the rest of this month. The new redesigned site officially relaunches on Jan. 5 after a week of tweaking.

“The redesign of is a major undertaking to which we have devoted significant time and energy,” said John Kosner, senior vice president and general manager, ESPN Digital Media. “Sharing the early-stage site with Insider subscribers first, and now with our entire audience, helps us identify issues and deliver the kind of product we all want on January 5. We want our fans to understand that the ‘beta’ represents a start for us, not the final destination. Visitors to should expect to see a series of improvements and additions over the next several months.”

Readers are asked to give feedback on the beta site. Be nice.

==More on the site’s desire to de-clutter from the NY Times (linked here)

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