Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor misunderstood T.O.


This just in on ESPN’s “SportsCenter”: Part II of Stephen A. Smith’s image rehabilitative interview with Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens. On today’s 3 p.m. edition that just aired.

But first, this obtuse intro to the piece from standing-up anchor Rece Davis:

“Terrell Owens, always very newsworthy, of course. And usually mentioned somewhere in any ‘SportsCenter.’ And you can ask, ‘Why?’ Or ‘Why so much?’ Where is the truth between the narcisim of this athlete on stage and the voracious appetite of the sports-news machine, which we recognize, we’re a major part?”

The question isn’t answered because it’s time for Stephen A. to get his airtime with the interview …. after T.O. explains that owner Jerry Jones called him to tell him to be careful with what he says:

One question that’s worth documenting:

Q: How much of it is the media and how much of it you (in regards to how he’s portrayed)?
A: I been at fault at some. But I guarantee you, um, it’s like, you have a hero and you have a villian. You know. It’s like the league, the ESPN, they have their heroes and they have their villians. I happen to fall in the villian category. And that’s hard to swallow. Because I know what type of person I am. You ask the right people, they’ll tell you wholeheartedly I am a good person. … If I gotta go against all the networks in the world, then I won’t win that battle. Every pannel on every network can say I’m selfish. So what. I’m good because I do the necessary things on the field to sit up in front of you and say that I’m good.”

Maybe ask ESPN reporter Ed Werner what kind of person Owens is. (Story on Deadspin.com linked here).

==A recap of Part I of the interview that aired Tuesday (linked here).

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