Dr. J, daughter come out on “Outside the Lines”


We do like family stories around the holidays, even when then involve an NBA Hall of Famer meeting up with his tennis-playing daughter for the first time.

ESPN’s next “Outside the Lines” on Sunday (6 a.m. on ESPN, 9 a.m. on ESPNEWS) will document the relationship now between Julius Erving and his 27-year-old daughter Alexandra Stevenson, whose mother, Samantha, a former sportswriter, had a relationship with the married Erving.

ESPN.com writer Tom Friend interviews the two (some video and a version of the story is available online at ESPN.com, linked here), who had their first reunion less than two months ago.


It came out in 1999, as Stevenson was the first qualifier to reach the Wimbledon semifinals, that this relationship occured. Erving denied being her father at first, and the estrangement lasted until the daughter reached out in October, hoping he could help find her sponsors.

Stevenson is ranked 212th in the world and plans to compete in January’s Australian Open qualifying event.

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