Lenny D.’s Players Club coming unnailed?


The New York Post reports that the high-end glossy magazine that former big-league chewer Lenny Dykstra prints for those who can afford such extravagant coffee-table publications could be in the process of getting thrown out at third trying to stretch a bunt single into a triple.

The story under the headline “Dykstra Drops The Ball” (linked here) claims the current Sherwood Country Club of Thousand Oaks resident — he’s still trying to sell the former Wayne Gretzky house that he lives in (linked here) — is “leaving behind a string of unpaid bills and a constant parade of shifting editors and office addresses.”

Acting editor Chris Frankie resigned Dec. 4 along with two other staffers. Loren Feldman, former editor-in-chief of Philadelphia magazine, is the new editor.

Frankie says he’s owed back pay.

“That’s not true,” says Dykstra. “Frankie owes me money. Whatever he’s talking about is delusional.”

“That’s beyond ridiculous,” says Frankie. “How could an employee owe an employer money?”

Because, it’s Dykstra math?

The last issue of Players Club, which debuted in April of this year, was published in October, and the November issue is a year-end double issue that has yet to appear. Vendors have dropped their business with the magazine, which has also had four different printers and three editors.

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==Even more bizarre news: Former Houston Astros closer Dave Smith, a former San Diego Stater who gave up the walk-off home run to Dykstra in the 1986 NLCS, died Wednesday at the age of 53 from a heart attack (story linked here).

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