Dock Ellis (1945-2008)

i-a8b20a925bed89af86f19598c5cdd850-dock_ellis_autograph.jpg confirms a report (story linked here) that former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis has died in Victorville. He was 63 and suffering from liver damage, said his former agent, Tom Reich.

Diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, Ellis, a former Gardena High standout, went on a waiting list for a liver transplant seven months ago.

==Ellis’ bio from the Pasadena-based Baseball Reliquary, where he was enshrined into the Hall of the Eternals in 1999 (linked here)

==Ellis’ Wikipedia entry (linked here)

==His career stats on Baseball Reference (linked here)

==The famous story of him pitching a no-hitter against San Diego while claiming to be on LSD (linked here).

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