Coming Sunday: 82 reasons why … JoePa won’t die

Or, will live forever.

One way or the other, Penn State’s football coach, who turns 82 on Sunday and landed today with his team via one of those flying machines, as it starts preparation for the Jan. 1 Rose Bowl against USC, ain’t going away.


We’ve made a list that’ll be in Sunday’s paper and the website, starting with the fact he just signed a new three-year deal, and he’s paid a discounted rate of $512,000 a season.

In other words, Penn State can’t afford to lose him. Otherwise, they’d be shelling out $4 mil a year for someone far less … well known.

Enjoy the effort.

By the way, a blog started called JoePa’s Virtual Birthday Party (linked here) appears to have started a list that is looking for “82 Reasons Why We Love JoePa.”

We understand the concept. We in no way stole the idea for the list we’ve put together. Otherwise, we’d have just abandoned it and moved on to something less daunting.

==A link to the column (linked here)

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