Breaking news that can be fixed? Women who don’t have ‘it’ have a tough time breaking into TV sports


William Houston of the Toronto Globe and Mail has a piece filling its Saturday edition with this headline and story:

Well, you can read it yourself (Story linked here).

The highlights, as Playboy cranks up its latest Sexiest Sportscaster contest (we won’t bother linking to it again… you can find it):

ESPN’s Linda Cohn on the fact women are getting more opportunities to prove themselves: “That’s the positive. The negative, and it’s out there, is a current trend, which is to go for looks first and then knowledge. And that’s disconcerting.”

NBC and HBO’s Andrea Kremer, who started in print journalism in ’82 and worked for a long time at ESPN, says: “There are women who grew up loving sports, and, by the way, they do television, or they write about it or talk about it on radio. And then there are women who think they want to be on TV, and sports is a cool thing. And I do think the audience knows the difference between the two. So I just hope people are getting into it for the right reason.”

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  • Mario DiLeo

    $4.95 Canadian? I’ll wait for the DVD when it gets to Big Lots!