Would you consider Barry Obama the ‘Jackie Robinson of American Politics?’


Whilst you ponder that, Topps collectables has produced a one-of-a-kind dual autograph card featuring Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson that will highlight a new Topps American Heritage collection that aims to tell the story of the country through sports, politics, the arts and pop culture.

Ther are 150 cards in the series, covering heroes of the revolution, explorers, inventors, writers, industrialists, military leaders, civil rights leaders, artists, entertainers, statesmen and great American events. Each of those subjects are done in Topps cards from a different year of its publication. The 2008 Election collection, for example, has 25 cards that appear to be from the Topps 1971 baseball card set.

Inserted into the package of cards are 18 “American legends,” 10 “American icons,” 44 American presidents (in the 1952 Topps design), and 10 American celebrities. Relic cards will have pieces of something from past presidents, historical places and special events.

Autographed cards of every president will also be inserted, as well as “American Legends” such as Babe Ruth, and 3 of the dual cards — such as the Robinson-Obama card.

Each 8-card pack will cost $3.

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