‘Doc’ Emrick needs no second opinion: He’ll watch NHL game from Wrigley on TV like the rest of us


Mike “Doc” Emick visited his own doctor today, and they agreed — laryngitis will prevent the Hall of Fame broadcaster from doing the play-by-play for NBC on Thursday’s outdoor NHL telecast betweeen the Blackhawks and Red Wings from Wrigley Field.

It’s in Chicago. So call it the Curse of the Silly Throat.

Instead, Dave Strader, the play-by-play man for the Phoenix Coyotes who does regional NHL games for NBC, will fill in on the telecast (Thursday, Channel 4, 10 a.m.)

“Last year’s game (Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo at Ralph Wilson Field) was a lifetime memory and I couldn’t wait to call this year’s game at Wrigely,” said Emrick in a statement released by NBC. “I’m extremely disappointed but I know Dave will do a wonderful job.”

Hold on: Emrick can’t talk. So how did he issue that statement?

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  • dyhrdmet

    be fair. if you’ve had laryngitis for at least 5 or 6 days (he sounded bad on Friday’s Devils telecast and hasn’t worked since), would you want to work outdoors at Wrigley tomorrow?