The media learning curve: Dec. 27 to Jan. 2

The perscription drugs are still working.

We continue to expand our mind of media-relatedness in the first couple of days of this two-thousand-ott-nine year, as well as the last days of ott-eight.

First, we’re blown away at how Robbie Maddison (above) is one bad shut your mouth.

Second, we’re amazed at how self-editing is key to getting a point across in a clear manner.

As for what we comprehend more now than a week ago:

== Mark Cuban has a scatter-brained plan to improve your newspaper coverage, as long as you’re OK with the fact it’ll be funded by the teams that the reporter is covering (linked here)

== NBC happily sends Tiki Barber to the sidelines for its NFL wildcard coverage, and if he’s not careful, they’ll find a way to repurpose it on the “Today” show (linked here).

== Fox’s NFL coverage has another reason to brag again (linked here)

==The 2010 Pro Bowl is going to ESPN, not CBS, and we’re still not interested enough to care if its played before, after or during the Little League World Series (linked here)

==Charles Barkley’s latest booking photo is a lot more sweaty than the one he had in ’97 (linked here). And there’s apparently more to the story — a Hugh Grant-ishangle — that keeps leaking out (no Barkley wasn’t driving a Hummer) (linked here). And that’s keeping some in the media from taking him seriously? Seriously? (linked here)

== ESPN’s Cris Carter jokingly said he’d put a bullet into Dallas’ Terrell Owens (linked here). Then he apologized (linked here). And he kept his job. And so did ESPN’s Mike Patrick, after making a lame Plaxico Buress reference in the Capital One Bowl (linked here)

== There’s a reason why Fox’s amazing BCS coverage hasn’t worked out the kinks — it thinks Tim Tebow is an offensive linebacker for Cincinnati (linked here)

== Another exciting college bowl game on Saturday, wedged into the NFL weekend and after the prime New Year’s Day stuff, but it’s in Toronto (linked here) and doesn’t include that Oregon male cheerleader.

==The New York Times Co. would like to sell its 17.5 percent share of the world champion Boston Red Sox; maybe Hank Steinbrenner would consider gobbling it up? (linked here)

== A disturbing story about the always funny Tom Arnold, an online webseries, and CBS’ March Madness (linked here)

== And one even more shocking: Lisa Coles Guerrero is recognized in Mexicali (hasn’t she heard about all the drug violence going on down there?) (linked here)

==And an even bigger stunner: Some sportswriters throw darts, and miss (linked here, via


==Plus, Brent Musburger said on the ABC telecast of the Rose Bowl that he “has never seen a livlier 82-year-old” than Cloris Leachman. “You would know first hand, big fella!” said broadcast partner Kirk Herbstreit. Eventually, they showed photos of Musburger dancing with the former “Dancing With The Stars” participant, and Rose Parade grand marshall, at a pre-Rose Bowl function. Before that, there was all kinds of speculation on the Internet as what Musburger could have been talking about. As he told us, that’s just Internet gossip. (linked here) Besides, we’re sure the most lively 82-year-old in Musburger’s speed dial is Joe Paterno, who hasn’t endeared himself to Lisa Salters (linked here)

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