Trying to compact more sports words on a list that we’d not like to go away mad, just go away


We have six from ’08 that have started to really get under our sun-screened skin in today’s column (linked here).

Everyone has their list of things that really peeve them — the phrase “pet peeve” is one of ours, in fact — so we’ll try to keep this compilation on topic. But we’re sure it will unravel into one of those “Why do they keep saying that?” list of cliches that we’re all tired of hearing and might get others to stop if we put it out there. So be it:

The National Football League: Sure, it’s called the NFL plenty, but there’s this Cosellian imitators (OK, maybe one of them, the 800-pound gorilla at ESPN) that has tried to perpetuate the full three-word name, as if it’s The Ohio State University.

Upside: Heard most of the time during the NFL and NBA drafts. It means in Kipertown that there’s a good vibe coming from this kid for some reason, but we can’t specifically identify it. Maybe it’s good genes. Maybe a strong work ethic (see below). Maybe we’re just too lazy to get any more specific.

Control our destiny: It’s one of those cliches that NBC’s Bob Costas brought up recently (linked here) during a recent NFL pregame show as being inherently wrong. Maybe teams or players can control the outcome of a game, but not their destiny or fate, which, by definition, is something that can’t be controlled. I know, take it up with Bob.

Intangibles: Like great chemistry. Laziness for not identifying what really makes a team or player tick. After using that, it’s usually followed by the phrase: You can’t say enough about him.

Electricity: Some say you can feel it. If you could, you’d probably be dead within moments.

Work ethic: Everyone has a great one, or it’s not mentioned at all. But it does insult those who do real work – sanitation engineers, fruit pickers, assembly line employees, coal miners.

Play within ourselves: We get the idea that you didn’t try to do more than you were capable. If you’re not capable, you won’t try any harder? That would be giving 110 percent, no doubt.

Take it to the next level: Meaning, you weren’t trying as hard before? Why not take it down a notch and under achieve?

World champion: Unless you win your title in the Olympics or the World Cup, you can’t call yourself a world champion. There’s someone in Antartica probably better.

A (adjective) golf shot: Like “an (adjective) piece of hitting.” One (or two) too many words, stating the obvious.

We have more, but don’t feel like elaborating:
=Must-win situation
=D-line (or O-line)
=Impact player
=Power shift
=In transition
=Flush (as opposed to a dunk)
=Eva Longoria (She’s at a San Antonio Spurs game? Who’d have thunk it.)
=In the box
=Like a video game
=A false-positive test
=Oral commitment
=Hitting on all cylinders
=In the doghouse

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