Rice, Henderson do Letterman’s Top 10 tonight


And we’ve got the list, as the two newest voted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame, Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson (don’t forget, he ended his career with the Dodgers, which probably put him over the top), read it aloud on “Late Night with David Letterman” (tonight, 11:35 p.m.), while showing up in New York to do the show this afternoon.

The list of Top 10 Highlights of my Hall of Fame baseball career:


10. Winning the MVP in 1978, and a Tony in 1983 (Rice)

9. I designed the first vibrating jock strap (Henderson)

8. During the 1981 season, I lost my glove and played an entire west coast road trip using a small box (Rice)

7. All the free gum (Henderson)

6. I caught a squirrel in the outfield and the umps let me eat it (Rice)

5. Being a Met, a Blue Jay, a Padre, a Dodger…hell, even I can’t remember all the teams that I played for (Henderson)

4. Before every game, I ate the same meal: pancakes smothered in pine tar (Rice)

3. Sleeping with Madonna (Henderson)

2. Sleeping with Madonna (Rice)

1. I played with Jose Canseco and never got to inject anything in his ass (Henderson)

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