Cleaning up some of the Clear Channel house-clearing move


Dan Patrick started his show this morning on KLAC-AM (570) announcing there were 60 new affiliates.The promos on during Jim Rome’s show this morning tout the new Steve Hartman-Chris Myers “Loose Cannons”-kinda tag team that will come on later today (noon to 3 p.m.).

It’s all the local residue of Clear Channel Communications’ decision Tuesday to cut some 1,850 jobs, or 9 percent of the work force nationwide, to save the company a reported $400 million. Most jobs dropped are in ad sales, and its billboard department, but it really slices through all departments.

The Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal even reported that some believe Clear Channel timed it all during President Barack Obama’s inauguration “in the hope that the news would be lost in the shuffle.”

Aside from all the changes coming at 570-AM — is there a local show left for the station to air? — San Diego’s KLSD-AM, which went on the air 14 months ago, is down to one person after having five on-air hosts.

With the KLAC consolidation of all-sports with Fox Sports Radio, more of our sources say that Vic “The Brick” Jacobs will now be a news update guy for Hartman-Myers and Petros Papadakis-Matt “Money” Smith. Will Tim Cates and Tony Bruno be back? Doesn’t seem so. KLAC does the Lakers-Clippers game tonight, so they wouldn’t be on tonight, or Thursday (when the Lakers face Washington) anyway. Listen to see if JT The Brick replaces him, probably starting Friday or Monday.

It’s stupid crazy.

Ever consider opening up a day care center?

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  • SportsRadio101

    Hey Tom! What’s going to happen to Joe Grande, Isaac “The 30 year old virgin” Lowenkrawn & Lee Klein? I assume they are all out as well. Vic being demoted back to an update guy has got to sting. Hartman seems to be the winner in all this because he is finally getting what he has always wanted..national exposure, but I don’t see that pairing him up with Meyers will work. Don Martin has made one bone-headed move after another at KLAC. Tracy Simers, Mancow, now Tony Bruno blows up in his face. This is all pointing toward and eventual demise of KLAC and Fox Sports Radio and KSPN being the dominant sports station in town with mostly east coast syndicated fair and the Lakers joining them in the fall. The days of the true local sports station like the old KMPC and XTRA Sports are over!! Never have we seen so many well known sports-talk hosts out of work and suspect most of them will never return to the L.A. airwaves.

  • Andre

    For the life of me, I never understood why Joe Grande was ever considered a sports talk-show host. He offered nothing to the Joe McDonnell Experience and his Weekend BBQ show is nothing more than dead air. I’d much rather listen to national sports talk, and I hope it ends up this way.


    That really sucks.

    BTW it wasn’t Don Martin’s call on getting rid of Bruno. He was forced to take JT the Brick’s awful show. Bruno’s show was very good.

    The best hour of radio, the fusion, is now dead. Pretty sad.

    I can’t see myself listening to Chris Myers. I guess I am down to only listening to PMS. Sad day for LA sports radio fans.

  • pr

    What demo are the going after? The 45 – 90 demo. Chris Myers is stuffed suit. JT the brick is most famous for winning smackoff. Enough said.

  • SportsRadio101

    They just announced that Mychael Thompson will be a “contributor” along with Vic doing updates. I know Bruno’s show was syndicated by the Content Factory as was Dan Patrick’s show. With this move Patrick is now with Premiere radio. Just listening to a few minutes Hartman and Myers sound horrible together.


    It is day 1 but Myers and Hartman are horrid together. That will be a disaster.

    Maybe Arte Moreno is ready to start his all sports station based around Hartman and a loose cannons show in the midday. This won’t last long.

  • LAlocalandloyal

    I listened to the entire Chris Myers/Steve Hartman show. BORING!!! Myers has absolutely no personality or sense of humor, and basically just sits there and nods his head at Hartman. Subsequently, Hartman is almost impossible to bear because there is no one (VTB or MT) to offset him. Having Vic come in as a correspondent is an obvious slap in the face. You can hear how he has to hold himself back because of the different audience. Imagine someone in Seattle knowing what the hell “El Maniaco” is all about. And no more Fusion?!?! Disgusting They’ve destroyed local sports talk since the evil four letter network never did a decent job in the first place. At least we still have PMS…for now.

  • laprguy2

    I’d chalk it up to a rough first day, but having listened to Hartman and Myers and their various partners for years, this is a pairing doomed to failure. It’s the Dameshek and Long of bad radio pairings.

    Time for Arte to take some of that Teixeira money and program that radio station with some real players. Dave Smith’s schtick has worn out.

  • I spent $10,000 on advertsing last year with KLAC. I was impressed with the Loose Cannons and my marketing demographic was 18-40. This new show is putting me to sleep. I’d rather listen to NPR (National Public Radio.) I would advise all local advertisers to pull away now. Nobodies gonna listen to Hartman and Myers…they’ll end up driving off the road.