The Media Learning Curve: Jan. 16-23


Going through the change?

Like the feel of hope in the palm of your hand?

Open your wallet, and it’s still full of expired Pizza Hut coupons?

Live and learn. We do it ever week. We live, we learn, we move forward at the Media Learning Center (sponsored this week by TNT: It Knows Drama … and NBA hoops).

After hanging out with Marv Albert and his homeboys, we also had time to pick up these vibes from around medialand:

== We know all about the changes at KLAC-AM (570), but so far, aren’t thrilled about it (linked here) and (linked here). Neither is she, and she practices law (part time) (linked here). Seriously, Chris Myers? We’d rather drink homogonized armadillo milk.

== The shrinkage problem has been addressed in by Arash Markazi, a USC journalism grad who still has a job (linked here).

== Something we need when we turn on Lakers games on KCAL Channel 9 or FSN West (linked here), but that’ll just take us back to 570-AM, right? Are we even sure they still do Lakers’ games?

== A local TV station in Vegas has decided to drop sports from its nightly newscast … what are the odds of that going over well? (linked here)


== When someone did the research, they proved beyond a shadow of a woman eating a sub sandwich that if you put photos of Erin Andrews on your blog, traffic really jumps (linked here). Even Playboy knows it (linked here). Apparently, so do we.

== As far as Chris Berman reflecting on his many Super Bowl memories, we’re OK, as long as we don’t have to ask the questions and listen to the answers. So maybe what ESPN did — deliver a Q-and-A, ready made — was the only way to get the info out (linked here). As Newsday’s Neil Best adds on his blog posting of this (linked here): “Somewhere in there, obviously, God had to create blogs so we’d have somewhere to put this stuff. … The next step in all this presumably will be for p.r. people to visit my basement and post this stuff for me while I eat leftover turkey and watch ‘Seinfeld’ reruns.”

== If LeBron James gets too “chalky” before a game, cover your laptops, you stupid writers (linked here)

== The New York Times, and ESPN, credit’s initial reporting (Wednesday’s first mention is here, with a follow-up on Thursday linked here) on story about Mark McGwire’s one-eyed brother trying to sell a book boasting about his part in getting the slugger hooked on steroids (linked here).

== Why is ESPN replacing staff folk with more fans foaming at the keyboard (linked here)

== Michael Irvin has an idea for a reality show: 12 nitwits try out for a Dallas Cowboys’ roster spot. So it’s all on, right Spike TV? (linked here)

== Jay Mariotti says Roger Ebert can pucker up on his Internet-sized rear end (linked here).

== Rick Reilly is officially fishing for compliments, with left-over lines from stories that didn’t fit anywhere (linked here) Meanwhile, Riles poses the question: How does Larry Fitzgerald Sr., who as a reporter has covered 28 Super Bowls as a member of the media, write objectively about this one coming up? (linked here). Says the dad: “I always had this dream that Larry would play in a Super Bowl, but never, ever did I think we’d have a black president.” There’s also this angle from ESPN’s Alan Grant (linked here)

== ESPN ombudswoman Le Anne Schreiber’s contract is coming up … who’s wants this Dream Job? Who’s Now? (linked here)

== Again, ESPN is making news: Its magazine took a photo that got a mean dude in trouble (linked here) and (linked here)

== We tried to overlook the fact that NBC hired Mike Holmgren and Tony Dungy to their already robust pre-game show, but others reported it, so we’ll pass it along (linked here).

== While ESPN’s Bill Walton has some thoughts on the inauguration (linked here), there’s more feeble attempts to link Barry Obama to his sports jones (linked here) And someone thinks ESPN’s J.A. Adande and Bill Simmons had a dandy take on Obama’s place in history (linked here).

== NBC’s Mike Milbury challenges you to a gentlemanly duel on the ice (linked here)

== The Atlanta Braves want Don Sutton back on their broadcasts, but only if they can hire a private helicopter to fly him out of Washington D.C. without anyone noticing. (linked here)


== Who says ESPN makes boners? Barry Bonds to Boston? No, unless Deadspin has the screengrab wrong (linked here):


== And, still on the ESPN-boner topic, who says today’s journalism majors aren’t good at spelling ( blog link item here):

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