ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule: So far, no Dodgers or Angels games switched to inconvenience your day


There are plenty of times when we enjoy ourselves a 5 p.m. Sunday night baseball game at the yard. Like, when we don’t have to work Monday, for one. And we’re more inclined to hang out at the beach during the day. The smell of the Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic is just as aluring as the scent of Dodger Dogs.

ESPN’s 20th season of “Sunday Night Baseball” schedule is somewhat released today, and our beach days are safe. For now. There are a lot of holes to fill. Which is probably good.

It starts April 5 with Philadelphia hosting Atlanta (and maybe Derek Lowe, trying to find a way to get out of the second inning again, with that dishwater blonde in the stands fretting through every pitch), but it’ll be on ESPN2. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan return, with the addition of Steve Phillips for the sake of getting things right.

Somehow, the Tampa Bay Rays have snuck onto the schedule, as a planned event. Then there’s the usual array of Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs …

The schedule is only done for April and May. Some of the June through July contests are picked three weeks in advance. August and September dates are done two weeks ahead of time. All in the name of quality control.

So for now:

April 5: Atlanta at Philadelphia (ESPN2)
April 12: Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee
April 19: St. Louis at Chicago Cubs
April 26: New York Yankees at Boston
May 3: Chicago White Sox at Texas
May 10: Tampa Bay at Boston
May 17: New York Mets at San Francisco
May 24: Milwaukee at Minnesota
May 31: Dodgers at Chicago Cubs
June 7-July 5: TBD
July 12: St. Louis at Chicago Cubs
July 19: New York Mets at Atlanta (6 p.m.)

If you’re thinking ahead, potential Dodger Sunday games that could be pilphered from the afternoon to late afternoon in the future are:
June 7: vs. Philadelphia
Aug. 23: vs. the Chicago Cubs
Sept. 20: vs. San Francisco

As for the Angels:
June 21: vs. the Dodgers
Sept. 13: vs. Chicago White Sox
A July 12 home game against the New York Yankees will likely stay in the 12:35 p.m. slot since the All-Star break begins the next day.

Fox’s Saturday Game of the Week tentative lineup (which means there’s a 1:05 p.m. start instead of 7 p.m. for Dodgers/Angels)

April 11: Boston at Angels (other regionals: Minnesota at Chicago White Sox and Houston at St. Louis)
April 18: Angels at Cleveland (other regionals: Cleveland at New York Yankees and St. Louis at Chicago Cubs)
April 25: New York Yankees at Boston (or Chicago Cubs at St. Louis)
May 2: New York Mets at Philadelphia (or Houston at Atlanta and Cleveland at Detroit)
May 9: San Francisco at Dodgers (other regionals: Tampa Bay at Boston and Atlanta at Philadelphia)
May 16: Angels at Texas (other regionals: New York Mets at San Francisco and Cleveland at Tampa Bay)
May 23: Philadelphia at New York Yankees or Houston at Texas
May 30: Dodgers at Chicago Cubs (other regionals: Atlanta at Arizona and Minnesota at Tampa Bay)
June 6: Philadelphia at Dodgers (other regionals: Cleveland at Chicago White Sox and Minnesota at Seattle)
June 13: New York Mets at New York Yankees, or St. Louis at Cleveland, or Chicago White Sox at Milwaukee
June 20: Dodgers at Angels (other regionals: Tampa Bay at New York Mets and Milwaukee at Detroit)
June 27: Angels at Arizona (other regionals: Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox and Boston at Atlanta)
July 4: New York Mets at Philadelphia, Oakland at Cleveland or Detroit at Minnesota
July 11: New York Yankees at Angels (other regional: St. Louis at Chicago Cubs)
July 18: Houston at Dodgers (other regionals: New York Mets at Atlatna and Baltimore at Chicago White Sox)
July 25: Minnesota at Angels (other regionals: St. Louis at Philadelpia and Chicago White Sox at Detroit)
Aug. 1: Dodgers at Atlanta (other regionals: Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees and Houston at St. Louis)
Aug. 8: Texas at Angels (other regional: Boston at New York Yankees)
Aug. 15: Dodgers at Arizona (other regional: Philadelphia at Atlanta)
Aug. 22: Chicago Cubs at Dodgers (other regional: New York Yankees at Boston)
Aug. 29: New York Mets at Chicago Cubs, Houston at Arizona or Tampa Bay at Detroit
Sept. 5: Boston at Chicago White Sox, San Francisco at Milwaukee or Minnesota at Cleveland
Sept. 12: Chicago White Sox at Angels (other regionals; New York Mets at Philadelphia and Atlanta at St. Louis)
Sept. 19: San Francisco at Dodgers (other regional: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis and Detroit at Minnesota)
Sept. 26: TBD
Oct. 3: TBD

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  • ‘Inconvenience your day’? those 5pm sunday “night” games on the west coast look pretty good compared to where I live in NJ. I was at 2 sunday night games at Shea Stadium last year. game ends about 1 1/2 hours LATER than the normal night game. you try getting up for work after getting home at 12:30am.

    and the sunday night game before all-star weekend seems to be at the location closest to the site of the all-star game itself to accomodate those playing in the night game with the shortest travel. last year, both events in New York. this year, sunday night in chicago’s outdoor hockey rink and the ASG in st. louis.