The Dodger Stadium Winter Moto X Games, Tractor Pull and Cow-Chip Tossin’ Championships?


The Dodgers explicity ask that those who participate in the now regular “Under The Lights” promotion — where you pay $500 to take BP, shag fly balls and throw in the bullpen — to refrain from wearing metal spikes. Because, you know, clods like you will tear up the grass just by walking on it. It’s OK if the players take divots out of it. You’re not supposed to cut a rug with your lack of experienced moves.

But when the team had the “UTL” night nearly two weeks ago, which we participated (linked here), a team rep said they’d be installing new grass soon. The green stuff we played on the other day wasn’t in bad shape. Still it was getting to be more shades of yellow.

So when this picture arrived, taken from the angle of the team offices above the third-base line, it really didn’t surprise us that they’ve started the process of laying the new sod. Before the real heavy (.001-inch) rains.

Still, the horror of a grass-less “Lasorda Heaven On Earth.”

No fake stuff here. That would be blasphemous. Enjoy (or weep over) the view of the park while it looks like a construction site. Again.

Kind of makes you wonder what a football field would look like in that area. Or a rodeo.


It reminds us of the story when Gene Autry, the former Angels’ owner, passed away in 1998. His widow, Jackie, said she considered scattering buring his ashes under home plate at Anaheim (now Angels) Stadium. To kind of counter balance the rumor going around that the stadium had been built on some Indian burial ground, and it was giving off a negative vibe — supposedly preventing the team from reaching the World Series. Gene nixed that idea, according to this story that appeared in USA Today in 2002, when the Angels did make the championship round (story linked here).

“He didn’t think it was such a good idea,” Jackie Autry said of the home-plate burial idea. “Especially since the field got torn up occasionally for motocross events. He wasn’t sure where he was going to wind up.”

Instead of ending up in the spokes of someone’s motorbike, America’s favorite cowboy is resting comfortably at Forest Lawn in the Hollywood Hils (linked here).

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