Our Daily Dread: Plan to wing it Sunday … or not


From CNBC’s Darren Rovell (linked here), via Deadspin.com (linked here), via SportsRubbish.blogspot.com (linked here), via UPI.com (linked here), a news service we weren’t even aware still existed, so we’re not sure if we can trust it any longer:

There’s a reported shortage of a favorite Super Bowl Sunday foodstuff.

Not avocados.

Try Buffalo wings. Or don’t and save ’em for the rest of us.


Some five percent of all buffalo wings are consumed on this NFL title-crowning day.
That’s about 1 billion wings consumed.

“That’s a lot of chickens that died for your sins,” writes the author at SportsRubbish.

Yet, the reason this comes up is because a company in Buffalo that supplies many of the nation’s tiny chicken arms has gone bankrupt — we here that’s a problem almost along the lines of bad peanut butter finding its way to your shelves.

But wait. According to this report (linked here), a PR guy for the National Chicken Council says the shortage is a “wild exaggeration.” And a spokesman for Tyson Foods says trends may indicate there’s a problem, but “our wing business typically starts increasing in December, reaches a crescendo at Super Bowl time and remains strong through the NCAA basketball tournament in March.”

So who do we trust with our food information? Where the hell is Rachel Ray when we need her squealing voice of reason, and seasoning?

Rovell actually adds to this consumption scare: The California Farm Bureau Federation says there a celery shortage because of … global warming? California celery ripened too early and Florida’s celery came too late.

Now, we have a real problem. You’re cutting into our Bloody Mary ingredients. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme must be next.

You got any food fears this weekend? Email me at thomas.hoffarth@dailynews.com or post a comment here.

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