Our Daily Dread: Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck, Beck … Ciao?


With the economy the way it is, maybe it’s not really news that David Beckham is hinting about defaulting on a loan.
Even with the ginormous size of his wallet.

After putting the biscuit in the basket two games in a row for AC Milan, that little club team over in Italy, Our Favorite Becks officially said in his little whiny voice that his time at the Home Depot Center might be numbered.

“To play here is the dream of any player,” he told an Italian newspaper. “But deciding is not easy; it’s a situation that requires time. I am under contract and I have a lot of respect for the Galaxy. But the possibility to play at Milan is something special. I knew I would have fun but I didn’t expect to have so much fun.”

So here’s the funny thing: The Chief Bender from England who Galaxy management had shipped over special delivery to revive interest in the Major League Soccer is finally paying dividends by scoring goals thousands of miles away.

Now, he has some new street value, and media credibility. And how England may want him back on its national team before the 2010 World Cup.

The surprise, of course, is that he actually stayed around to talk to the press. That’s something he hasn’t really been fond of doing during his time with the Carson Kickballers.

If AC Milan is prepared to offer a reported $6-million-plus to pay off Beckman’s commitment to U.S. soccer, it only proves that everyone has a price. What’s Beckham worth to you, Leiweke?

If you’re running the Galaxy, do you demand he fulfill his five-year contract? Or do you cut your losses – and the losses have been piling up – and start from scratch, again, to rebuild the future of American soccer?

Maybe, with an American player.

From our narrow perspective, we hope Beckham returns, for three more years.

Especially if it’s three more non-playoff years for the Galaxy.

Becks has been like the George W. Bush of sports personalities — instant comedy fodder for his lack of, uh, achievement.

Not that we want soccer to go away. It’s a great sport for our kids, and a boost to the orange wedge industry.

We’re just a little tired of seeing all those No. 23 jerseys selling at a brisk pace to unsuspecting loyal customers. Patrons who believe in the fact that a contract is a contract.

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