Papadakis isn’ t the favorite ‘Joe’ any more … it’s Strahan and Glazer

Petros Papadakis took that Spike TV show “Pros Vs. Joes” through its first three seasons. Cultivated an audience. Nurtured the contestants after they were mangled by Randy Colture. Talked Jose Canseco through some tough times.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough. It’s time to hand the ball off to Jay Glazer and his very close friend, Michael Strahan.

A new production company has taken over the reality series where regular guys (“Joes”) compete in skills competition against recently retired athletes (“Pros”), and Strahan, coming off his first year as a studio guy on the Fox NFL set, is the new host, with Glazer, the Fox NFL insider, down on the field doing interviews.

The A. Smith & Co. folks, led by former Fox Sports Net exec Arthur Smith, will be the executive producers. The company actually put the word out last month for new contestants (linked here) with a Jan. 16 deadline already come and gone.

Season 4 is supposed to be labeled “Pros vs. Joes 4: All-Stars,” where competitors from the past come back. There’s a fresh angle. The other twists is there will only be one sport showcased in each episode instead of the variety as in previous seasons. Each episode has three skills competitions and a three-on-three scrimmage pitting the Pros against the Joes. The sports for this season are four episodes on football and four on basketball.

The eight episodes are supposed to start production around town next month.

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