The curious cause of Larry Fitzgerald Sr.


There have been some neat, feel-good stories written about Larry Fitzgerald Sr., father of the Arizona Cardinals receiver with the same name, and a sports editor for the African-American weekly newspaper called the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder.

One by the Washington Post’s Mike Wilbon (linked here). By ESPN’s Rick Reilly (linked here). By USA Today’s Jarrett Bell (linked here). A week before, by the Boston Globe’s Dan Shaunessey (linked here).

Then came a few more from Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star (linked here), and Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Trbune.

Fitzgerald was even on Wednesday’s episode of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime. And he’s got his own website (linked here).

It must be cool to be him right now.

But amidst all that, there’s a piece by Josh Levin for (linked here) that kind of puts it into better perspective.

“The point isn’t that Fitzgerald Sr. is a bad guy because he failed to disclose a relationship,” writes Levin. “It’s that he’s always happily blurred the very line that Reilly et al. say he refuses to blur.”

Just read some of the stories that Fitzgerald Sr. has written the last few weeks (linked here, off his own site).

Unbias? Call it what is it. It’s not Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism here.

Levin concludes that maybe the best piece on the subject was done earlier this month by the New York Times’ Joe LaPointe (linked here), who wrote: “No matter what happens on Sunday, Larry Sr. will evaluate his son’s performance not as a journalist but as a parent.”


CNBC’s Darren Rovel gets a response to Levin’s story from Fitzgerald Sr. (linked here). Fitzgerald basically calls Levin “a hater.”

OK, sorry to bother you with … facts.

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