Next Friday: The 17th annual best/worst of L.A. sports talk


Thanks for the imput so far on your favorite/least favorite sports-talk radio guys in town. We remind you that this list, as its always been, is to get to the heart of who’s doing the best and worst L.A.-based show. The problem with this now is having KLAC-AM (570) dump its local lineup in favor of a Fox Sports Radio list that folded in much of the former guys — meaning, Petros Papadakis and Matt “Money” Smith do a nationally syndicated show now. Although it may sound a lot the same, technically, it doesn’t qualify any longer under these arbitrary rules we drew up long ago and may need to be revamped.

Steve Hartman? Not on the local list any more. And then we just have the fact that there’s no more Mychal Thompson, Tim Cates, Tony Bruno … does Vic “The Brick” still count in there somewhere? It’s crazy loco at this point. We’re still trying to figure out how to adjust to these new changes.

The list also includes the local sports update guys — KFWB’s Bill Seward, Ted Sobel, Bret Lewis, Bob Harvey … KNX’s Randy Kerdoon, Steve Grad, Paul Olden, Chris Madsen … KSPN’s A. Martinez and Dave Joseph … even KFI’s Rich Marotta … who are we missing?

Again, email me your thoughts on the local radio scene, as well as the national (Rome, Patrick, Jason Smith, etc.) at

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