OK, we give, show us the PETA ad that NBC wouldn’t allow on the Super Bowl

Kids, don’t play with your vegetables.

Or, if you do, take your clothes off.


Taking what Phoebe Cates did with a carrot in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” a few sweaty steps further, this PETA ad (above) that supposedly was banned from NBC’s Super Bowl is at least getting its point across — it generated publicity for itself. The bottom line: The message has been delivered.

We took it, hook, line and asparagus.

“Access Hollywood” ended up doing its own “investigative” piece on the PETA ad (linked here), as well as Troy Palomalu’s revival of the Mean Joe Green-Coke spot that’ll air in Sunday’s telecast.

Think back to Super Bowl ads in the past that have been “banned.” The company pretty much knew going in that it was too hot for a G-rated day of TV, but it submitted it anyway, had it nixed, then sent out the press release and digital video to all media outlets, complaining about the injustice of it all.

Like, when last year, Danica Patrick did the ads for GoDaddy.com that involved a “beaver” (which told viewers to go to the website to see the ad that was banned):

Goodness gracious, sakes alive, as John Wooden would say.

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