Wall Street Journal: Madden’s stock could use some correction


The Wall Street Journal did the math, and finally called John Madden out.

As the $4 mil-a-year NBC analyst prepares for his next Super Bowl broadcast — he’ll be the only person to call a NFL title game for all four major networks — the nation’s most respected business publication decided to give him the business in a story today (linked here) that really plays into its wheelhouse.

“In statements made during several recent NBC broadcasts, Mr. Madden, who is 72, has misjudged the number of times NFL teams execute running plays from the shotgun formation, attributed two offensive strategies to a team whose players deny using them and misstated how often the San Diego Chargers call pass plays.”

Matthew Futterman then gives the facts to back it up.

“Sandy Montag, Mr. Madden’s agent, says any broadcaster in any game makes misstatements. ‘It’s a live three-hour broadcast,’ he says. ‘You can’t be right 100% of the time.'”

How ’bout at least 50/50?

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