Ralph Lawler’s favorite Super Bowl game: BINGO! Play along today

Beat your head against the TV screen all you want, but, barring a trip to the ER, it’s really not the best way to fully enjoy today’s broadcast of the Super Bowl. You could try one of them there drinkin’ games — every time John Madden says “Boom,” you gotta take a shot of Wild Turkducken? Naw, that’s far too clich. And an insult to Brent Musburger.

But maybe it’s just some simple old-school thinking that will drown out all the NBC bells, whistles and 3D glasses. We’ll take a cue from the halftime act: We’re working on a dream. What if everyone had a bingo card and everything that came out of the flatscreen was in play. Make it a competition. OK, take a swig of beer every time you put a nickel over the space on the card.

Winner gets Springsteen’s new CD. Or an extra heap of guac…

Either go to this link (linked here) or print it out below:

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