It’s Boss Time


Sure, he could have done two songs instead of four to fill that impossible 12-minute window halftime window at Super Bowl XLIII. He could have closed with “Born To Run” instead of squeezing it, truncated and all, between “10th Avenue Freezeout” and “Working On A Dream.” And switching the lyrics of “Glory Days” to get football terms in there …


But any sniff of Bruce Springsteen is worth three hours of (fill in the blank), and those who stood and watched at your Super Bowl party when he and the E Street Band were onstage in Tampa tonight, but talked while the Steelers and Cardinals were playing the actual game, is testimate to the power of The Boss.

As he requested, they stepped back from the guacamole, put down the chicken fingers and cranked up the TV set.

Thanks to (linked here) for his exclusive on the Springsteen play list, revealed more than an hour before the game’s kickoff (you coulda won your Super Bowl pool).

And also thanks to (linked here) for putting up additional video links from Bob Costas’ interview with Springsteen, where he even suggests that Cold Play may be a good encore to the Super Bowl halftime show next season.

Enjoy the Associated Press photos we snatched up from the performance before he went to Disneyland (we only wish we had one of the cameraman who got plowed over by Springsteen during a slide across the stage on his knees):

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