In Tuscon, the Super Bowl viewers got hosed


The Associated Press

PHOENIX – A Tucson television station says its broadcast of the Super Bowl was interrupted for some customers by about 10 seconds of pornographic material.

KVOA-TV in Tucson posted a statement on its Web site late Sunday (linked here) saying the only viewers who were able to see the material were those who receive the channel through Comcast cable.

KVOA says it will investigate the incident and that the game was sent out from the station without interruptions or pornographic material.

Comcast spokeswoman Tracy Baumgartner confirmed that the company’s standard feed was interrupted during the Super Bowl, although she said its high definition feed was not.

Baumgartner said engineers are investigating.

The interesting part of this story is the account in the Arizona Daily Star (linked here). It pinpoints the incident with three minutes left in the game, right after Arizona went ahead in the contest and appeared to have it won. Premature celebration? Then there was a viewer said they didn’t even think twice about what she was watching because she just thought it was another wacky Super Bowl commercial (USA Today blog link on this here). Is that what we’ve come to?

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