Slam-a-lam-a-ding-dong: Joe Buck can now curse on live TV, thanks to HBO


Bob Costas out, Joe Buck in.

What the Buck.

HBO Sports just announced that Joe Buck will start a sports-talk show beginning in May, a live town-hall format that will go four times a year, on whatever subject he wants to address.

Remember, like Costas used to do, before he left the network earlier this week to join the MLB Network?

“I am flattered and beyond excited that HBO has given me this opportunity,” said the 40-year-old Buck, who will of course stay at Fox as their lead man on NFL and MLB games, as well as any fishing shows they decide to concoct. Buck had been trying to pitch a talk show — not so much sports, but general Leno-type stuff — to Fox, but it never got off the ground.

Too late. He’s in.

“With HBO’s track record, production quality and rate of success, there is no more desirable home in sports. I hope to create something fresh and unique for the network that truly showcases all I can do. And I hope to get Larry David’s cell phone number someday.”

Rick Bernstein, the executive producer of HBO Sports, said the network will “craft the series to showcase Joe’s character and personality.”

Snarky. Irreverent. Like Dennis Miller?

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