Our Daily Dread: Donald T. Sterling, a cad? Naw…


We’ll find out more later today about a discrimination lawsuit that Elgin Baylor has filed against the NBA, Clippers owner Donald Sterling and president Andy Roeser, according to Baylor’s attorney, Carl Douglas.

If it goes anything like previous discrimination lawsuits against Sterling, he best get his damage control people lined up ASAP.

In stories we’ve read, Baylor contends his termination as the team’s GM after 22 years had to do with his race and age, aside from the fact he was “grossly underpaid … never earning more than $350,000.” Some may say that, considering how the team performed, Baylor was somewhat overpaid.

But the hook to this suit, which doesn’t have a monetary value listed for what Baylor is seeking, hinges on whether Sterling’s racist “vision of a Southern Plantation type structure” for the Clippers really existed.

Do you doubt it for a second?


Baylor also contends that Sterling once said of former Clipper Danny Manning: “I’m offering a lot of money for a poor Black kid.” Because NBA commissioner David Stern was present when Sterling said that, the league is involved in the lawsuit.

A statement from Clippers attorney Robert H. Platt said that while he couldn’t comment on specifics, “I can categorically state that the Clippers always treated Elgin fairly throughout his long tenure with the team. Prior to his decision to leave the team last October, Elgin never raised any claims of unfair treatment. It’s hard to believe that he would now make these ridiculous claims after the organization stood by him during 22 years and only three playoff appearances. It would be hard to find any sports team that has demonstrated greater loyalty to its general manager.”

Yeah, and someone who’s been raped should have screamed louder when it happened rather than try to collect herself and present evidence in a calm and collected manner, after she’s assessed the personal damage and finally decided what the best course of action was to try.

Besides, Baylor didn’t really resign from his front-office post as current coach and GM Mike Dunleavy had everyone lead to believe.

So where do we start with a potential character assassination of Donald T. Sterling? A Google search for his name and the word “sued” says it has 1.17 million results. Not including the relevation of his real name, Donald Tokowitz.

There’s this L.A. Weekly piece (linked here) from last year where Sterling’s promise to build a homeless shelter on Skid Row has hardly materialize.


Or another where he seems to be seeking a sexual harassment suit as he sought legal call-girls to help him run his business (linked here).

More links, more stinks:

== August 8, 2006: The U.S. Department of Justice sued Sterling for housing discrimination, claiming he refused to rent apartments to blacks and families with children. (linked here) and (linked here)

== Nov. 15, 2005: He is ordered by U.S. District Judge Dale Fisher to pay $5 million in fees to plaintiff’s attorneys in a case accusing him of trying to drive out non-Korean tenants, particularly blacks and Latinos, at apartments he owned in Los Angeles’ Koreatown neighborhood.

== August, 2003: He admitted to paying a Beverly Hills woman named Alexandra Castro for sexual favors in many building, offices and even limos that Sterling owned. (linked here)

You have a claim against Tokowitz? Get in line, my friend. You probably don’t even need a good lawyer.

First, take a look at the Sterling plantation Malibu home, where he still has his croquet matches for the rich and famous (linked here) and add that to the list of circumstancial evidence.

This could get even uglier before it gets resolved. The further public humiliation that Sterling will go through starts this afternoon at Baylor’s press conference. Bring your tape recorders.

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  • mediascribe


    in stories we read? wtf?

    give the los angeles times proper credit for this story and provide a link.

    you’re better than this.

    take care,


  • Tom Hoffarth

    you mean there aren’t other newspapers or wire services who ran stories about this lawsuit? I don’t have a copy of the lawsuit and read it front to back? you want me to provide all the links to the stories I read about this last night and this morning? sorry, don’t have the time to appease those who doubt my credibility.

  • goodtalk

    It is common good practice to link to the story or at least site the source (think Drudge Report). And in this case since so many of your stories are based on gossip, hearsay and your latest fabrication in order to get a rise from…(yourself?) it is understandable that readers would be justifiably wary of your research methods and credibility.